Aviation Altitudes

Aviation Altitudes is a visualization tool to help students learn and CFIs teach the different types of altitudes found in aviation. These altitudes are Indicated, Pressure, Density, Absolute and True altitude. Use the various customizable options to change the in app environment and see live how the different altitudes change accordingly.

Density Altitude

Density Altitude is especially important for all pilots! Aviation Altitudes help visualize why this is so. Utilizing the right hand ruler you can see quick and easy what altitude the aircraft will be feeling when taking off or in flight.

The Kollsman Window

Use the Kollsman option to illustrate the effects of changes to a sensitive altimeter without having to go out to the plane. Maybe you forgot to set the altimeter to local pressure as you fly or coming out of a flight level. Aviation Altitudes makes it easy to illustrate why this is a hazard and important.

Airport Sync

Take advantage of the Airport Sync feature to get a real time look at the conditions outside! Supports both inches of mercury and hectopascal pressure units.

FAA Written Practice

Many questions on the written test will either give you Indicated or True altitude. Aviation Altitudes allows you to use either! Just enter the value into the respective box and the opposite will be calculated for you. From there, you can adjust the options to get the best understanding of what the answer may be.


Aviation Altitude is a self contained web page with the core functionality available as an installable web app that works without network connection!


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This tool is for learning purposes only and should not be used in flight planning.
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